Keltische HarfenThe history of the Celtic harp or Clarsach began around 1880. Its origins can be attributed to a revival of the early folk music movement in Great Britain, so it is not a historical harp in the real sense of the word. Its sound and construction were based on the early Erard concert harp.

The small, light harp quickly gained popularity in the rising folk movement. Today it is made in innumerable shapes and sizes, and its accessible sound along with carefully selected wood and good semitone levers make it a favourite “all-round” instrument.
There are five different sized Celtic harps in my range.

I offer models with 30 to 36 strings. The harps can be kept simple or be decorated with carvings or Celtic punched ornamentation. I keep a selection of European timber such as maple, ash, pear-tree, cherry or walnut in stock. The choice is yours. It is my pleasure to help you in making your decisions.







Small Celtic harp

Kleine Keltische

  • Beautifully shaped, with harmonious sound
  • Wood of your choice
  • Loveland semitone levers
  • Ribbed body
  • Range F-g’’’
  • height 113 cm / weight 5 kg














Celtic harp

Keltische Harfe

Good bass sound and light descant


  • Ribbed body, height 126 cm
  • Wood and semitone levers according to your choice
  • 34 strings
  • Range C- a’’’
  • weight 6 kg








Celtic Harp, Cross-strung

keltische kreuzsaitige Titelbild

By cross-stringing this Celtic harp the instrument becomes fully chromatic and does not require semitone levers. Different variations are available, such as pentatonic tuning or the height of the crossover point.  The harp can be strung with gut or metal strings.


  • Ribbed body
  • Wood according to your choice
  • 34 strings, cross-strung
  • Range H' - a'''
  • Height  124 cm
  • Weight  7 kg










Celtic travelling harp

Reisende KeltischeSmall bardic model with rectangular body


  • Height 105 cm, robust construction
  • Wood and semitone levers according to your choice
  • 32 strings
  • Range E- a’’’
  • weight 5 kg












Celtic Harp "Atlantis"

Atlantis KeltischeModell Atlantis


  • Wood: Maple or Nut tree
  • Height: 123cm
  • Strings: 32
  • Range: D-g"
  • Weight: 5,6Kg








Large Celtic harp

Große Keltische HarfeRibbed body with large sound-board in the bass
Large instrument with full, strong sound


  • Wood and semitone levers according to your choice
  • 36 strings
  • Range A’- a’’’
  • height 148 cm
  • weight 7 kg












Tall Celtic harp

hohe Keltische HarfeTall model, ribbed body
Strong bass sound and harmonic descant


  • Wood and semitone levers according to your choice
  • 34 strings
  • Range B’-g’’’
  • height 142 cm
  • Weight 6 kg